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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for the GPS Service?
Zero ($0.00). The GPS System is always on and it's always free, worldwide.

How do I program it?
You don't. There are no user settings. There is nothing to confuse you and nothing to go wrong. It doesn't even need batteries.

How does it work?
When you power it up it gets a latitude, longitude, date & time sync from the GPS Satellite system and loads that information to a secondary onboard microprocessor where it becomes the basis of your switching schedule for the life of the product. It maintains continuous calibration with the GPS System Atomic Clock. It always knows where it is and it always knows when it is, which means there's nothing for you to do, for the life of the product.

What about power failures?
It automatically self-recovers from all power failures. When the power comes back on it reloads your latitude, longitude, date & time synch with calibration to the GPS System Atomic Clock.

What happens if the GPS System is impeded?
Your GPS Telemetry is always stored in the secondary onboard microprocessor so that even in the unlikely event the GPS System were to become impeded your timer will continue to perform flawlessly.

Does it work with motion sensors, occupancy sensors, time clocks and bypass on & off configurations?
Aboslutely. You can configure these controls just the same as you normally would any other control.

Will it work inside a building or installed inside a NEMA Enclosure?
Yes in many cases it will. It works very well inside the attic of a bulding with a plywood roof deck and asphalt shingles. It also works just fine inside a plastic NEMA Enclosure where many installers locate it to prevent tampering at banks, police stations and other sensitive or essential facilities.

Why should I buy these timers instead of photocells?
Photocells utilize 1800's technology and cause lights to switch erratically shortening the service life of your equipment, wasting energy, generating complaints and compelling high frequency service calls which are very expensive.

Why should I buy these timers instead of a programmable timer?
Programmable timers rely on humans to program and maintain them. Regardless of claims by manufacturers, programmable timers frequently result in improper timing of your equipment resulting in wasted energy, systems off when they should be on and vice versa, and they have a short warranty and high servicing frequency. Servicing electrical infrastructure is expensive because electricians perform hazardous work and they are well paid, as they should be.

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