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GPS Timers

About Us

GPS Timers, GPS LightLock & GPS Solar Timers are divisions of
Applied Physics Laboratories, LLC (APL) whose headquartes are located in
Fort Myers, Florida USA.

APL is a vertically integrated R&D and manufacturing company serving the energy, transportation, lighting, HVAC and process automation industries.

We use the latest technology in robotic assembly systems and processes with the highest level of quality control.

All work is performed in-house and under our direct supervision and control. Our engineers who test and inspect every product at every stage of manufacturing are seasoned veterans with decades of experience in the defense industry.

About Our Brands

GPS LightLock, the eldest child brand of APL, was conceived in the engineering department at Florida Gulf Coast University upon discovering the need for a better way to switch outdoor lights. Then existing controls consisted of programmable timers which relied on human intervention, and photocontrols which have a very short effective service life. This was resulting in lights on long after sunrise on a clear blue day, lights cycling on and off as clouds go over, and even lights being completely off when they should be on, which is a safety hazard.

We envisioned something that required no human intervention to make sure the lights will always be on when they should, and off when they should. We decided we could accomplish this by teaching the lights where they are, and when they are. The solution to this is a GPS radio receiver coupled to a mircroprocessor and some highly complex astrophysics algorithms.

The orignal objective of GPS LightLock was to save energy and extend the service life of bulbs & ballasts. Collateral benefits have since been discovered which include simple & quick installations, zero need for matinenance, and a product performance & life cycle unprecedented in the lighting control industry. Many other uses and appplications for our technology have since been discovered including facilities access, off-grid solar systems, marine applications and many other needs to switch an electric device as a function of astronomical events, atomic clock synchronization, and other achievable attribtues.

GPS Solar Timers was conceived in 2014 after off-grid solar system manufacturers approached us to use our technology to mirorr solar noon to operate their most intensive loads, such as pumping water out of the ground, during peak energy producing times. This means the energy storage system (battery bank) for a solar system can now be reduced by up to 90%, substantially reducing capital costs to provide humanitarian aid to impoverished villages in Africa and elsewhere.

GPS Timers was conceived in 2016 after recognizing the many uses customers have utilized our technology for over the years. There are thousands of applications for Atomic Clock precision timing in thousands of industries across the world in addition to just making sure parking lot lights and streetlights are off when they should be off, and more importantly, on when they should be on.

Made In Fort Myers USA

We weighed the pros and cons of outsourcing, contract manufacturing, and keeping everything in house. We decided it is in the interest of our community to provide high tech jobs locally, and in the interest of our customers to contain quality controls. For these reasons we built a vertically integrated organization from the ground up.

All research & development as well as manufacturing and logistics are done in-house by our workforce. We have everything from the patents, laboratory equipment, production machinery and inventory to the warehousing & distribution. This contains costts and assures optimal quality control.

We do not oursource anything! Anytime you see something with our name on it, it was made by our team at our facilities.

It's been a short seven years and today we are in many different industries and our products are installed, used, distributed and sold worldwide by Fortune 500 companies, units of government, public utilities, non-profits, privately held companies and individuals alike

Additional Services

In addition to in-house manufacturing we provide contract services including R&D, market research, proof of concept, prototyping, regulatory compliance approvals, contract manufacturing services and warehousing/ distribution.

To inquire about contract services please visit our Contact page.

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